Content is King

by Tom Hills

No matter how nice your blog/website looks, people will only come back for the content. Look at Seth’s Blog for example, it doesn’t look fantastic but the content draws a crowd.

The problem with One Chicken Nugget, our current challenge, is that we update it daily. Actually that’s not the problem, the problem is that the basis of the blog is to list everything we eat everyday. That, on its own, is some of the worst content ever imaginable. It’s the reason that some people never use twitter, “Why would I care what some celebrity had for lunch?!”, and we’re not even celebrities.

However, the potential of One Chicken Nugget is there. It’s not about what you ate, but why you ate it. That is where the interesting content can come from.

Not the most interesting subject.

Now I come back to the problem. The problem is that we update the blog daily. I don’t have the time or energy to offer the interesting stories behind the food everyday, sometimes my food is boring and often my eating is mindless.

Next year, when One Chicken Nugget is done, we’ll look to another challenge, or series of challenges. These challenges will be interesting enough on their own to provide the content, without the jazzing up we have to do to make a dairylee dunker sound interesting.